Nerfs going a bit too far

I have to wonder if you(Riot) actually play this game anymore. A lot of the nerfs made lately make no sense to me, and nerfs made because of pro-play are absolutely stupid. Sorry that you're tired of seeing Ryze and Aatrox, maybe buff some other champs so they're more viable instead of making these ones useless for any level of play. And like Kayle, whose been my favorite champ for years, you reworked her and almost immediately nerfed her into being unplayable. I realize no Rioter will probably read this, but your nerfs are going a bit too far and are ruining a lot of people's experience with the game. Your response to imbalance shouldn't be to nuke the problem, thats knee-jerk and short sighted. Small adjustments and buffing lane competition seems a far better solution. Also, please buff Kayle's early game so she can actually stand a chance in lane. Or better yet, since her rework is so broken that you had to make her useless just revert her kit. I'd take pre-rework Kayle over the frustrating mess you've made her into.
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