I been playing a bit kassadin , and is that kind of hero that sometimes if your enemys no know how to counter you , just fall under your blade , and sometimes it happens for me to be in situations i can have no control playing kassadin mid ,late game.. , i feel like his e is absolutly garbage on early , is almost like nothing from him , you start q or w... ,then you use some q abilitys before you touch lv 2 and get your e , but that dosn't stack in your e... ,so basically when you touch lv 2 your e is not even usable... , the scale of ability in late game have some serious problems , i mean you update that ability and still what she does is just to increase damage... , it still needs 6 charges late game to use that ability , is kind of ridiculous if we add and the 5 seconds cdr , i mean what's the point to add 5 sec or more cdr on that skill , if already you can't hit every 1 second a skill ... to get it faster... I think kassadin q should work as a common shield , who block and attack damage , so he can be more resistent if his lane oponnent tends to be a talon/zed/yasuo/quiyana etc... I also believe his passive which makes him resistent only to magic resist , for a mage isn't kind of much... , i mean is strong if you play vs a mage ,but what do you do if someone step to play ad champions and you pick 1-2-3 rd in the team , malzahar no problem counters him , also yasuo somehow, zed maybe ... ,i think he got rusted because riot haven't discover a proper way to balance him.

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