THANK YOU for the Death Recap update and the rest!

When I post it's usually to give criticism on what could be done better, like ARAM and death recap. But this time I want to show my appreciation to the good work of Riot, not only at this moment but over the last couple of years. I hear so many people complaining about the current state of the game. But, even if I'm not as active as I used to be, I feel like LoL is in the best state it's ever been. I completely agree with the analyses you made in Riot Pls regarding current balance. It's fun to play AND watch. There seems to be a great balance between the importance of teamwork and solocarrying. ARAM has also received the attention it deserves, and although my longlasting request for a true ARAM with entire champ pool for everyone is not fulfilled, I feel like the need for it has lessened now that the Gauss curve is narrowed and less skewed. You have done a greater job than I could've wished for 3 years ago. Death recap was the last remaining issue that frustrated me. I remember back in season 2 that people laughed with how bad death recap was. I love the preview of the new death recap. It's exactly what I asked for: Quick visualisation of the damage types and sources. I like to think that my posts about it had any influence, but that's probably too much credit. Still, I have a feeling that Riot listens to the topics I and others bring up, either directly or by coincidentally having the same idea. Either way, good job and keep it up!
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