ARURF - New Token System (Potential Feature Request?) - Pick your champion once every 10 games!

Hello! The premise for this new token system is to bring back one aspect of the original URF by allowing us to pick a champion... once every 10 ARURF games. Similar to how we can re-roll with the dice after playing a few games, we will be granted a token that we will have the option to use and select a champion that we actually want to play. Allow the tokens to stack up to 2 times. I think this will make a the game mode a little more fun when playing with friends. And it's not like you're picking a champion every game. You still need to play normally 10 games before you can have 1 time to pick your main squeeze. 1/5 seems to be asking for a lot and anything more than 10 would not be worth it. 10 seems to be a nice balance. Thanks,

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