What do you think about diplomacy features to secure victory on the rift?

My reasons: I'm honestly not a very competitive person, and it honestly makes me feel really bad to lose or win because even if I win it is at someone else's expense. I know most people are competitive but I'd really like the ability to persuade the enemy team to join my team so everyone wins and gets LP and climbs. I've tried chatting in All chat and asking the enemy team to surrender to me and join my club and help me persuade other opposing teams to surrender but... for obvious reasons most people are distrusting and disbelieving and no one believes I will pay them or gift them skins etc. to join my club (I really will) and surrender the current game to me. Even this solution I came up with requires the "enemy" team to surrender their pride to me and all based on a credibility only my name and expensive skin can give... which I don't like much because they still have to lose LP. I know my idea seems to bust everyone's perception of the ranked ladder mechanics but I really just don't enjoy watching people lose. Is there a win-win element we could introduce to the game at all? And I'm not talking about giving everyone medals... for participating... ;) ;) I'm sincerely inquiring about an in-game mechanic that would allow diplomacy and win-win situations as a mechanical strategy. What if there was a start of game or @ 15 minute bribe feature, where I could offer X amount of Skins or essence or something to bribe the opposing team to surrender? This would work like the "SKIN BOOST" ARAM button and it's a lucrative way for riot to make money as well as help a twinked out feeder like me secure my teammates wins! Also what about an "alliance" feature where players can switch teams? This would allow for a team of ten or less to all increase LP (maybe at a reduced rate) and any players who defeat heavily unbalanced teams receive even more LP multiplicative by the number of players opposing them ie 20 LP victory / 5 teammates = 4 LP per teammate. SO if 9 players play against 1 player and the 1 player wins he would receive 4 LP per enemy * 9 defeated players = 36 extra LP for that victory plus his initial 20 so a total of 56 LP! But this would also make each opposing player who betrayed him lose that much LP as well. All the bribing and persuading "rewards" could go into a Jackpot for the winning team multiplicative by number of defeated players. There's a lot of ideas for you but I'd really just like a win-win-win solution for me to bribe and or convert teams to mutual victory while still allowing for both Riot and the unpersuaded skilled competitive players to make some extra LP and RP monies $. What do you guys think? Am I way out of Aurelion Sols {{champion:136}} ball park here or do the Star Guardians approve? {{sticker:sg-jinx}} I'd really Love to help Everyone achieve their dreams.
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