An Interesting and Low Effort Idea That Could Save Twisted Treeline During Its Last Few Months

**Before Twisted Treeline most likely is removed forever, could we try one last experiment since Riot seems fairly unwilling to dedicate much time to developing new assets for Twisted Treelines at this point?** Could we get the OLD version of Twisted Treelines back? ~~Yes it's even more outdated as far as art goes, but the gameplay was significantly more popular (especially within the Twisted Treeline community).~~ #Pros 1. I feel like it could give Twisted Treeline a chance to be more popular than it currently is again if the more well liked version of the mode was to come back. I imagine Riot already believes that Twisted Treeline is an eyesore, so what's the harm in bringing back an even older version? 2. Riot wouldn't have to make new content, they'd just have to reinstate old content that already exists (to my knowledge all this stuff is kept around in case it is to be brought back, like Ahri's E Charm stopping dashes or {{item:3905}} making its comeback). 3. At worst, players would be able to experience a historical part of League's history either for the first time (newer players) or possibly for the last nostalgic time (older players). 4. If the older mode of Twisted Treeline proves to be more popular than the current version of Twisted Treeline, that could prove that there is a world where Twisted Treeline is a semi popular game mode instead of an extremely niche game mode that few players regularly enjoy. #Cons 1. I guess they'd have to devote time to bringing back the old content. I imagine it takes _significantly less effort and resources to bring back old content rather than create new content_, when _both methods_ (in this case) _could potentially prove that there is still a possibility for Twisted Treeline to be a bit more popular than it currently is_. 2. Bringing an older version of the game might have some bugs and weirdness, but not everything necessarily has to come back. It could still maintain its current items (just let Face of the Mountain and the other support items ward like their Summoner's Rift counterparts used to) but **the most important part would be the return of the previous map** that Twisted Treeline had and it becoming more similar to Summoner's Rift instead of being this jarring experience to try and initially get into like it currently exists as. --- While this is by no means the definite and only answer to this question, a poll that has been up for two and a half years on popular YouTuber and League Partner Program member Vandiril's YouTube has overwhelming support for the previous version of Twisted Treelines over the current iteration of it. It will be linked below: Vandiril's Video: The Poll (in the description of the video above): If a Rioter happens to see this, _**please try to mention it in a meeting or to some other Rioters around the office or something before it is too late**_! It might not seem like it would mean much, but giving Twisted Treeline any sliver of a chance at new life would mean so much to thousands of players, and potentially more if the revert proved that with proper care Twisted Treeline could continue to exist as a popular mode within League of Legends after the theoretical revert hype initially wears off. (If the older version of Twisted Treeline proved to be popular enough but Riot still wasn't feeling inspired to reimagine the mode's gameplay, the older version of Twisted Treeline could be given modern Art Assets, some slight bugfixes, and some minor QoL gameplay upgrades and modernization, and be left alone, potentially solving multiple problems when time gets freed up for such work later on with marginal effort required, yet the community remains happy).

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