Am I going to be getting 15 - 18 LP all year long in ranked? (After placements)

I keep getting like average 16 LP per game. Its after placements, but the the start of the season. This seems "fair"...... .... ..... . . . . Am I going to have to win 12 games in a row just to go up 1 Division and then -45 LP on losses? Last season Gold 3 peak(s9). Currently(s10) Bronze2, and getting previous season plats in game.... Yes I asked. Is this supposed to change? I'm not looking forward to this year at all if it takes 1 loss to set back 5 wins. Edit* I just checked: I have silver MMR, but im getting placed with plats, but im bronze 2 after placements, and on my team i have irons.
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