I suck at ranked but do alright in normal

alanjrsmith - North America - Summoners - League of Legends
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Every time I play ranked I suck massive ass. No matter what champion I play or who im with its always someone carrying me cause i cant do well enough to keep up with my team. I got shoved into silver 5 the last time I played ranked now im getting curb stomped almost every game. But in normal I do well and sometimes I do bad but mostly good. Even if we loose I have a okay score. No matter what lane I play in I get curb stomped. The only time I feel im doing okay is when I gnar top. Its frustrating because I try learning from my mistakes but nothing works. I cant fight against Kat, heim, jax, blitz, Garen, Darious, Vayne. I always lose lane and Its frustrating. Can you guys give me some tips or some ways that I can get better at ranked because its getting to the point where I might just stay in normal.
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