How every single game is:

Pick or ban yasuo or vayne. You just need to nerf them riot, ill deal with the rivens because unlike yasuo I don't find her to be as cancer even though shes dumb strong right now. but please for the love of god, nerf those 2 champions. Every. Single. Game. They are pick or ban. You just need to nerf them that's it ok? You need to hotfix them immediately, vayne full build 5 shots any full def tank in the game. That's not fun to play against, and if she has a lulu or nami forget it its fucking over. Pull your heads out of your asses and get these champions to an acceptable level of balanced. It's honestly up there with Akali/Irellia peak broken. You get paid to do this, its your job, and you are doing a BAD job.

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