Pyke: Yes, he needs to be nerfed. A 560k mastery point main's perspective.

#####**_~~Before I start, 2 things.~~_** [](https://.) _*~~1~~*_ • My name is Hotarµ, I'm currently sitting at [**563,709 mastery points on Pyke.**]( Due to work I generally just play for fun, although I'm working on a second account for a support-only ranked climb to see how I do. To put it in perspective of just how much I play Pyke, here's a graph of all my champion mastery levels.[] ###### Also yes, I'm aware mastery points are not everything and only reflect someone's experience, I'm not claiming to be challenjour or anything, just let me flex my mastery points in peace _*~~2~~*_ • I want to open an actual dialogue and talk about healthy ways to improve the game for everyone. **If you're going to ignore everything I say and leave a comment like "Delete Pyke cancer champ", don't bother.** You can leave your downvote and move on. I won't be acknowledging it and I ask that everyone reading this post does the same. [](https://.)[] [](https://.) #**_~~1 • Jumping the Gun~~_** ######was going to be called "jumping the shark" but that wouldn't make much sense [](https://.)[] [](https://.) [](https://.)[] [](https://.) I think it's very important to note that after solo-Pyke's nerfs (the nerfs from [**patch 9.13**]( aimed at removing Pyke from mid and top) his performance _did_ drop noticeably, and I think this is where Riot made a colossal mistake. [](https://.) #Riot did not give Pyke (and by extension, Pyke players) enough time to adjust to the 9.13 changes. [](https://.) During the initial days of patch 9.13, I thought Pyke was much weaker to the point where people wouldn't take him seriously anymore. Of course, this didn't stop me from actually playing him, but I was worried. Losing all minion and monster damage on an ability and all the AoE properties from another would be a drastic change for any champion, however I quickly noticed that support Pyke was not as weak as I had once thought. His winrate also started to slowly rise back to it's original placement of about 47-48%, which I personally feel should be the resting place for popular champions with over a 10% playrate. Unfortunately, [**in patch 9.14**](, Riot jumped the gun and immediately buffed Pyke. Pretty much overnight his winrate and playrate skyrocketed to what they are now, both increasing by about **4-6%** which is a massive jump. [](https://.)[] [](https://.) #**_~~2 • What should be done?~~_** [](https://.)[] [](https://.) ####**_~~Revert his ultimate buff.~~_** His ultimate _should_ be rewarding but as it stands right now I think it's just too much. If Pyke did need buffs following his 9.13 nerfs (which I don't think would be necessary anyway, to be honest) they should have been aimed at his basic abilities and not his ultimate. Statistically speaking, if you refer to the above WR/PR graph, you can see the sudden spike was due entirely to this change. If we're talking about nerfing or changing Pyke there is absolutely **no reason** not to revert this buff first. [](https://.)[] [](https://.) ####**_~~Add a unique cooldown to his Grey Health mechanic.~~_** Pyke is gated by his inability to build max HP and resistance items, however this also means that he has to have a naturally higher base HP, armor, and MR than most of the cast. Due to these high stats and a heavy reliance on his Grey Health (which again, acts as a leash) this means Pyke is very slippery and functionally immune to poke for a majority of the game. Now I _really_ dislike using numbers when suggesting changes to champions, but I'll be using them here for clarity. > Gift of the Drowned Ones [Innate] >Pyke stores 30−80% (based on level) of the damage he takes from enemy champions as Grey Health on his health bar, up to 80 (+ 800% bonus AD), with an upper cap of 60% of his maximum health. >**_*~~NEW EFFECT:~~*_** If Pyke takes 150 - 1,000 damage (based on level), Gift of the Drowned Ones is placed on a 7 second cooldown and **any damage received after this cap is hit** will be taken out of his Grey Health. In other words, **I'm shortening the leash.** Pyke has to think even more carefully about his choices rather than just the ones that involve CC. This makes him less of a menace in lane, creates more windows where you can punish him for making mistakes (even when you don't have CC available), and encourages Pyke to play as he was designed: a fast, high-risk, high-reward champion. [](https://.)[] [](https://.) ##**_~~Thanks so much for reading, I would really appreciate your input. ~~_** [](https://.) In closing: Pyke is one of my favorite champions and he helped re-ignite my passion for League of Legends. I think a lot of his hate is undeserved but I would never deny how strong he is right now. I want to see him returned to a healthier point overall and I feel that implementing one (or both) of the above changes would do so while keeping him fun to play.
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