Top lane is terrible in Preseason 10

Riot said they would make top lane more relevant, but let's be honest... It's even less relevant now? They reworked both Herald and Drake, but the Drake rework far outweighs the Herald one (actually, they made this one worse than before). That means bot objectives are more important. And who plays around both objectives: Jungler, Bot, Support, Mid. Mid got an XP buff while Bot and Support got an XP nerf, meaning it's even more worth it for Mid to roam bot because it's easier to kill them. Of course, with a roaming Mid, it's a good thing for the Jungler to also gank the botlane to kill them. After all, Jungler XP is also nerfed, so might as well put your eggs in the botlane basket. What does that all mean? The first time Top fights Bot/Support, he's either: 2 drakes up, 1 drake up 1 drake down or 2 drakes down. And whoever won overall botside is far ahead in gold because Support doesn't need to spend as much gold. They also have the gold from kills, turrets and drakes. That means if Top solo kills the opponent 6 times, he's still the least relevant person in the game?! If your team won botside, you just win more with a stronger Top. If your team lost botside, they kill Top and get his shutdown gold. Now, I do love the Support item changes. I'm also all for the alcoves (though I think they should put something in it like Mercenaries on Heroes of the Storm), but the drake changes are a big noooo and the herald as well.
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