When Im autofilled support I cant exactly pick Darius or Mordekaiser bot

So why is it when supports or midlaners get autofilled top they just play their shitty champions top and win anyway? Its just been {{champion:69}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:133}} top I dont even remember the last time I fought a bruiser its so disgusting, I cant even play this game if I pick melee top. Its just endless harass. I had someone on my team tell me 'you cant play safe you lost this game' The fuck? They all outscale why should I play safe vs champions that beat me at every point in the game, why can they just waddle over to toplane. Why does {{champion:122}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:266}} not get to dominate as ADC, or mid or support? Ah yea cause the millisecond {{champion:86}} did well as ADC or {{champion:266}} went mid everyone cried for them to be nerfed. Ok, here I am, a toplane main telling you to nerf ranged top. I am crying just like everyone else did, I am telling you it is broken/unfun and really make every melee player want to quit the game. Nerf them to their designated roles like you nerfed {{champion:86}} back to toplane
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