Leveling feels bad, losing feels worse then ever, and you never expect anything from the capsules

There has been plenty of discussion about the actual calculations (It took me 15 games of varying types to level up just from 30 to 31. Most were over 20 minutes, about half were over 28 minutes). So rather then focus all on the numbers I thought I'd focus more or less specially on how this update feels. Knowing exactly what champs I wanted beforehand felt like a goal. Knowing the same thing right now makes me feel overwhelmed this is due to a number of factors. 1. This lootbox idea stems from games like Overwatch, you level up, you get something. However even overwatch has an advantage, all heroes are unlocked from the start. LoL locks all champs away at the start and also only gives you stuff when you level up. It's the same system...but actually worse especially since we have like what, 110 more champs? And I can tell you right now, while I don't really play OW that much it does not take anywhere near the same amount of time to get 1000 coins for a skin then it does to get 6300 BE. I hate OW's system and I still think it's better. 2. The loot drops are terrible, as is disenchanting. The one i opened had malphite, nunu, ryze, sivir, veige giving me a grand total of...729 BE. Making me short 20 blue essence of getting the champ I did want, Rammus.(Mind you, this is RIGHT AFTER I had to level up to get Illaoi because I was short 8 BE) ***So now i have to play 15+ games just to get 200 blue essence. EVEN IF THIS NEW SYSTEM GAVE MORE (which is debatable) NOBODY, is going to feel like that was a fair result. Nobody is going to go "Well, great I have to play 15 more games and play 6+ hours minimum just to get 20 essence! FUN!"*** you are punished a bit more for actually purchasing champs with BE then with IP. If for instance I wanted a 6300 champ and a 3150 champ, if I had just a bit less then the amount of BE needed, say 9449 instead of 9450. You can't get both if you don't have enough for both. In the old system, you'd just play bots or something, get the IP and buy both. But you can't play a match and get BE, you have to level up. This means people have to wait far longer then ever before to get new champs. Again, even if this new system gives out more, you're still working more and it's been proven you have to play more games to get equal results. 3. Nobody is ever going to rely on RNG to get discounts on champ shards. This doesn't even make sense as an argument (and it's one riot employees brought up) because what champs you get is up to RNG, why would you EVER rely on RNG to get you what you want? It can't even give you good amounts of BE, you expect it to give you the one champ you want out of 138 champs, with only a few chances every 6+ hours, that increases past every milestone? I expected at least ONE higher value champ yet I didn't get a single one worth more then 1350? And these milestone ones that supposedly give you more...um hello? RNG? The chances of me getting anything I want from them is entirely against me. I don't ever, at any point with this new system, feel that I am in control of anything. The thing about a grind, is that as long as people are given a clear path, even if they complain along the way, they do not feel lost, overwhelmed, or a sense of despair. I feel all three with this system. 4. You are punished for holding on to shards. Let's say you get a champ shard you want to keep, but you want the new champ Zoe right? Well, if you don't disenchant it you are actively increasing the amount of time you have to play possibly by multiple factors. Let's say I get 1200 BE from a capsule. If I want to keep ekko from it, it's now worth only 900. Now imagine this happens every time you open a capsule. Let's say you spend the dozens of hours you need and finally get to 5200 BE...now you have to pray that the next capsule doesn't have champs you want and you have to pray that it gives you more then 1100 BE. None of which are guaranteed. In what sense is it a good idea to punish people like that for not disenchanting champ shards they want to actually keep??? Because if they get even 100 less BE they have to spend 15+ games leveling up AGAIN assuming they are in the lower levels. 5. Which is another thing, I honestly feel punished for not winning more then ever. I'm not a great player. I'm still trying to remember what all those guides and youtube vidoes are saying. I'm still practicing those last hit challenges. I'm pretty sure I lose far more then I win. Because of that I miss out on a lot of EXP. And let me tell you, do the calculations, -50 exp from your average match, and say you lose 9 out of 15 matches. Now add that up for 3 levels. That's 1350 exp you are missing out on...or somewhere between 4-7 extra games (assuming they are all summoners rift). So for people like me who don't win a lot...that's going to add up especially since i dont have anywhere near a 50% win ratio. (GG says I have a 33% win ratio which is fairly typical I'm told of new players). It's honestly a little crushing knowing that every loss means getting that FREAKING 20 BLUE ESSENCE I NEED will take even longer. 6. Don't even get me started on us only having two rune pages and new ones costing....6300. The already punishing grind for newer players is made even worse by that. I'll just settle for always having the game start with incomplete rune pages because I have to change them every single time (ARAM, is hell for this) then setting back getting a new champ by dozens of hours. 7. Yes I could buy it and when I feel the system is fairer. I'm positive I will drop some money, but not a dime until then. 8. I understand you are human. I understand you as a team worked hard. I don't know all the decisions behind this. I don't know if you plotted evil things to make people spend more money on RP by making this new system. I don't know if you just didn't think of everything. No I don't think the developers are all evil. yes I understand you have to balance profit/progress. Yes I am okay with a grind. But at the end of the day. Even if the numbers you put out disprove what others have calculated. Even if the exact system we have right now actually is better. It doesn't feel that way. And in the end, that's what matters. Getting multiple shards of champs you already own (I already had Malphite, sivir, and veiger. It feels bad getting low value shards, it feels bad getting copies of champs I already own, it feels bad knowing that bad RNG made my grind that much harder). When opening loot was optional, it sucked getting duplicates but it wasn't that bad. Now that it's mandatory...well even Overwatch did away with duplicates for a reason. It feels like getting the champs I want is a slog, not a fun challenge that will take a while because RNG, slow leveling, constant losses, and other issues drag down the journey. I can't even be happy when I get shards of champs I want because if I so much as dare keep them, I am escalating the challenge of getting to 6300 or 4800 BE. That's a terrible feeling to have. I want nautilus, if I get him, I'm going to have to decide if I want the new champ Zoe or him more. If I decide the former, I lose his shard, if I chose the later I increase my grind and have to pray that RNG gives more high value champs I don't want to make up for it. At every step I just feel lost and discouraged. Yes I'm being blunt but I hope you understand this is how I feel, it's not meant to be an attack on you all but it's the only way I can get my disappointment at this system across. A few suggestions: 1. As others have said, give BE alongside EXP for daily missions. Fixes the issue of not having extremely low amounts of BE like 20 BE. 2. Possibly do multiple BE missions and EXP daily missions. This structure rewards the people who play a lot, doing away with one of the complaints that the system rewards people who barely play vs the people who play a lot. This also fixes the issue above of having to play 15 games or more to get 20 BE. The amounts do not have to be crazy. They could simply add up to the same daily IP we used to get, or even less. But something is better then nothing in alleviating certain issues. 3. Make champion capsules always have a value of 1000 or increase the value of shards. Getting only low value shards is crushing. Getting however many capsules till you hit the "milestone" with nothing of value won't make the milestone feel any better when you again, end up with nothing that you want. Because their is literally zero guarantee your amazing milestone capsule that has much more value, will have ANY value to a specific individual even if you do get more BE from them. Getting a nocturne skin shard as a part of your milestone when you will NEVER play him is NOT REWARDING. Especially since you can only hit a milestone once and it gets harder and harder over time. Nobody is going to celebrate spending dozens of hours to get a capsule filled with champs/skins they will never use. And again, I KNOW you have to balance this with earning money. But there has got to be some kind of middle ground, heck, it doesn't even have to be middle ground, it can still be slanted in your favor, but this is NOT going to work out in my opinion. I am not in the least bit excited for this milestone award (ditto for champ capsules, zero excitement) because I know I'm not going to get anything I want. That's how every single level is going to be, people not expecting anything they want but being forced to play harder for what they do want. RNG, sucks. It was more or less optional before this update, now it's mandatory and a part of everything. There has to be a middle ground somewhere.
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