Season 9 ranked so far is not healthy.

I cant say I've enjoyed but a couple games of ranked this season. The tower plating has put to much gold into the early game along with the bounty system. Now more than ever I feel that games are more decided in champion select than they are by gameplay. Quality of matches are very low as well. Maybe it is just my games but I think that patch 9.3 is just the tip of the iceberg for a bad ranked season of league. I have given a lot of thoughts on positional rankings as well. They only seem to make matchmaking worse. I don't ever feel that I am playing with team mates that are competent on the roles. It now makes people in secondary roles play with less intensity than if they had there main. While I like the idea of having a rank for each role. It now makes games less competitive do to the fact that an individual ranking instead of an overall doesn't hold a player responsible for how they play. Lane matchups are not decided by skill of players its decided by how much damage a champion does. Sure they are still outplays to be made but only if your champion has the kit for it. (or if your champ was made by certainlyT you can outplay) cough If your team is behind in the first fifteen minutes. your behind for probably the rest of the game do to the fact that there is more gold available in the early game than ever before in league thanks to plating and bounties. It is now near impossible to stall a game even with wave clear champs do to the fact that towers are very weak. Now more than ever is the pace of league becoming to fast. While league has been becoming a faster paced game for years now. It is now so noticeable that the original style league is non existent. The tower plating was put into to elongate laning phase but has actually proven to only speed up the game. Laning phase in theory is to last till 14 minutes till towers plating fades but laning phase feels as if it only last ten minutes before the early game skirmishing starts. With the minion speed change as well, its clear to see that the pacing of game is made to be fast. While decisive victories by good players with a few mistakes should be a fast game. On the other hand three deaths in the first 10 on your team shouldn't spell a loss. I miss when nobody surrendered at 20 minutes and there was room for macro play.
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