What are some ways to negate Pyke's power?

Serious question. I'm a support main, and I've been struggling against Pyke. He seems to excel in so many aspects of the game (damage, sustain, invis, maneuverability, CC). My biggest issue is his ult. Any other support, you can outplay close 2v2's, but with Pyke, short of stopwatch or hoping he misses, once you hit 30% health you're done, and not only one person, but both of you. It's definitely frustrating. I've tried him, he's pretty fun, but surprisingly I'm not great with him, despite being quite good with other hook supports. So what are some good ways to make him go 0/10 instead of 10/0? :) edit: I'm aware of control wards, I buy many especially against Pyke.
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