20 bans per team idea.

So here is my idea Riot. We all know that there are too many champs in the game and we need more bans to balance out the cancer that we see every game. So to start firstly in the client there will be a new tab called bans. There you will assign what champs you want banned, based on what role you are playing so that when you enter a game that champ will be already banned. For an example: TOP: {{champion:10}} JGL: {{champion:82}} MID: {{champion:13}} BOT: {{champion:145}} SUPP: {{champion:350}} Then lets say I got top so {{champion:10}} get banned, and then my team has all their champs already banned too. So now we have our 5 bans: {{champion:10}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:497}}, these are all example of what my team would have banned along with my kayle. Then you go into the second ban phase where you see what has been banned and start the second ban phase where you can coordinate with your team what you want the rest of the bans to be. It must be noted that bans can overlap so you have to think about what you want to ban because you wont see until both teams put all their 20 bans way. This would make the game more balanced 100%. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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