Something about "Channeled" abilities

League has started adding abilities that look like they are being channeled when being used, but are actually not. I only have two examples of this right now and that's Darius's Q and Taliyah's Q. Both of them are abilities that occur over a long time (when compared to other abilities) and both of them have a very significant effect on the game. Darius can do lots of damage and heal off of his Q. Taliyah is hurling rocks in target direction. Each of these looks like "hey, they are doing something right now, I should be able to interrupt it. And then you find out that stuns, knock-ups, silence's, etc. do not interrupt these abilities. Even though it totally looks like it should. I know that you can argue that Taliyah and Darius are not channeling abilities but casting them and they are being followed out, but a major part of character/ability design is to allow both the person playing the champ and players fighting the champ to understand what abilities are doing by just looking at them. So can you tell the difference between a Lucian ult, Sion Q, Varus Q, Xerath Q,Katarina ult , all of which are CHANNELED abilities and can be stopped completely by stuns and knockups and silences (except for lucian's) and Darius Q and Taliyah Q? Certainly looks like a channel to me.
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