What are Your Favorite Tips for Avoiding Tilt?

This is embarrassing to admit. If I die in lane or make a big mistake that can snowball, I just sorta... give up inside without really knowing it. Losing my chance to carry and now having to play from behind for the next twenty minutes is so frustrating and disappointing that I get overwhelmed. I start forcing plays, stop warding, and, before I know it, am 0/4 and realize too late, “Oh no, now I’m tilted, the enemy is fed, and I have just lost my team the game.” I beat myself up in chat and, thank goodness for gold players, they actually try to cheer me up. I put surrender vote up and, in a separate issue, just vote yes whenever I see one because I figure that the game is lost once anyone tilts. I want to solve this behavior. It’s unhealthy, losing me games, and will eventually lead to a ban for giving up and feeding. If anyone wants to share how I could catch this problem early, correct my play in-game, and try to come back, I would love to hear it. Share your favorite ways to avoid tilt below! :)
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