The issue with energized attacks not stacking.

The new stormrazor's ability isn't actually doing anything? since its own energizer ability doesn't stack the dmg on top of another, and yet its unique allows it to buff an energized attack, it seems pretty counter productive? From doing some testing in practice tool, the dmg of using two energizer items is extremely low. Even jhin isn't hitting 1000 dmg on an auto with full build, (minus 4th auto). Compare that to using other crit items, and a marksman is able to hit for 1100-1300 with the bonus dmg from other items. Maybe make it so that energized items attacks stack but at diminishing rates? Being able to build certain adcs with one BIG auto builds, like 4 energized stacked autos. This would be an expensive build that would allow marksman to have some burst. It would work well on jhin specifically.

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