I just..... I just dont get the logic here and im not mad im just sad

Why: why is pyke mid unhealthy for the game when inting sion is fine why dont you like ap trynd, yi, gp, etc. jax and kaisa and kog are cool, but we can make this way more fun if you stop killing every creative initiative why is ap amumu actually better than tank ammumu jesus yall made dmg high AF why are all the hyper carriers dead. gp got f*cked and his power shifted over and over, nasus is scariest mid game cause you made him strong enough to 1v1 most laners at lvl 6 while late game hes just cced to death. vayne is similarly more scary based on kills than time spent in the game, twitch and viegar feel like the only ones left and viegar is a damn sup why wont you make a new top champ we get you f*ck the role up some times but we still love you why... well let me just say if you do make a new top laner and hes another ranged lane bully im gonna throw my computer out a 2 story window why do you change champions that runes break instead of the champion breaking rune... karthus hadnt been nerfed in like a god damn decade man... why do you reward braindead champion playing, nasus never fails to get a kit changing buff at least once a year and its so frustrating, not cause he is strong, but because I have to put 3 times the effort of the nasus player in to win the game. why do you allow a mage at 15 minutes to have double the penetration of an assasin and more max health dmg than an adc? Im tired of vel and brand etc killing my 5k hp tank and my 3 crit itemed adc in the same amount of time while being out of range of both. why is tank itemization vs mr so awful. literally 3 hp mr items and rarely can a champ build all 3 and make use of the passives. (no really all the mr items make you get armor or offense except abyssal spirit v and adaptive helm, so why is it so easy to hit 300 armor or more but hitting that with mr is borderline impossible, why is the double relic shield meta gone if you want to put new intersting choices in the bot lane, make double relic shield meta a viable option for melee and you will have your wish. alright guys, i started the fire, feel free to flame, accuse, ridicule, and mock my disgruntled message below. ttyl
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