It is hard to quit League of Legends

"I quit. But after I play one last game, I'm never coming back to this game ever again." One hour later, "I can't quit on a loss. I have to win." 2 hours later, you finally get a win. You are happy and ready to quit. You uninstall the game and go to sleep. A day later, you find yourself fighting the urge to reinstall. After a couple of weeks, you wonder what has happened in the newest patch. "Oh they are buffing my main, " oh they are releasing a new champion," and oh they are doing this and that. All of a sudden, you find yourself playing League again until you quit again and the vicious cycle continues. If you have ever tried quitting League, you know it is a difficult feat to accomplish. It sounds absurd to say that quitting a game is such a hard undertaking. However, League of Legends was designed to be addictive and hard to quit. It might not be obvious to why League is addictive and that's what I'd like to discuss. Why is it hard to quit League? League of Legends is fun, well, not always and that's one of the reasons why League is addictive. Winning feels good but losing feels terrible, frustrating and disappointing. Do you find yourself disappointed in your teammates after losing a game, especially if you won your lane? Is it not frustrating to lose a game because the hyper carry got a couple of kills and now you can't do anything about it? It feels terrible. Winning a game of League, on the other hand, feels exhilarating. It is true that this should be the case but it is very odd that I don't remember the games that I won and remember vividly the games that I lost. I only remember how winning in League had made me feel. While I remember vividly that Yasuo who griefed me and int'ed mid which lead me to lose the game. In my opinion, the problem with winning games in League of Legends that it doesn't feel rewarding to win. It is either you have the damage to win or you don't. It is not about out-playing your opponent and being the better player most of the time. What I mean by most of the time is that, of course, plat players would dominate sliver players. However, if you look at players with the same set of skills, it is never really about out-playing or being the better player. I know that my opinion is controversial but I think we can agree that winning a game of League feels good but not rewarding. When you lose a game of Summoners Rift, you feel frustrated and terrible, you find yourself wanting to shake that feeling of terribleness out by winning another game. When you win, a game you get a rush of dopamine that tells play another game and then you lose but you feel terrible now, so you play again. And the vicious cycle continues. League of Legends is an ever-evolving game where players get new content every so often. League never feels dull for more than a couple of patches. Matchups and metas are constantly changing. League of Legends has no end nor a beginning. It is a consistent stream of content with an end goal of satisfying a never-ending yearning for more content. "I always come back to play when they buff my main." "I always come back to try the new champions." And the vicious cycle continues. There are other reasons why League of Legends is addictive such as Loot Boxes, FOMO, and the fear of losing all the time and money you invested. But for the sake of your time and my time, I'll end right here. Are you having a hard time quitting as well? No, yes? Tell me down below why yes or why not.
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