Ranked is toxic because Riot created it that way. Here's a proposed solution.

This ranking system stinks to hell. I'm stuck in bronze, which is practically the lowest tier. Bronze players are terrible players. They dont CS well. They int frequently. They think getting baron at 25m mark is smart. They seem to play Summoner's Rift like its ARAM. On the other hand, I usually have great CS, except against an extremely strong lane bully. I get out of laning phase with < 2 or 3 deaths and level 11 Kayle. I know when to go back to base, and know when's the right time to use a teleport as a top laner. This system of grading based on a WIN or LOSS is incredibly stupid. It should be promoting based on FUNDAMENTALS... great CS... great KDA... participating in getting objectives... etc. I can do all those things and still get a LOSS because I'm not diamond/platinum and I'm not good enough to effectively carry the rest of the team. Bronze and Iron shouldnt grade your rank the same way Silver Gold Diamond Platinum do... they should grade LP based on your FUNDAMENTALS not based on WIN LOSS. Or perhaps IRON is the mosh pit of ranked, and Bronze is the first level of WIN LOSS, but still grading you INDIVIDUALLY on your fundamentals.
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