Why does Frozen Gauntlet work with Ranged Champions, but sterak's can't?

maybe wrongly worded title, but i think frozen fist should be thrown into the Melee only section. as it makes sense thematically (BEING A GAUNTLET, NOT RANGED WEAPON 'like hurricane') and it would make sense build wise, why should champions like Ezreal, and Viktor be able to spam slows with thier Q's doing good damage, while also getting such tank stats on champions that shouldn't be building tank, i can understand maybe your are vs an all AD team to build it, sure, but most ezreal players will build gauntlet for the slow anyways vs all ap teams, and if ranged champions want on hit slows, i think they should be forced into frozen mallet, which has a softer (NON-AOE) slow, which requires you to hit your target with "Skill-shots" instead of spamming them in the general direction of the enemy and watching them be hit by the effects from being near the minions or anything. and im trying to refer from using the terms broken, or braindead, but when i see ranged casters building Tank/Bruiser Items meant to help melee champions stick to people, it bothers me they are using them as a crutch for those who never learned to kite, and for those who want to play such safe champs, with even safer items, that allow them to be tanky, AND still deal the on hit damage, and still have such a large amount of utility given the sheen passive is stupid low, where almost every Q procs the slow. and at least if ranged champions who want on hit slows have to build the ON-HIT item Frozen Mallet, then they are getting some other stats that they want, like AD, you know, the thing that makes you do the damage, and scale with your abilities, and HP, the thing your class lacks per level in comparison to tankier champions. Tldr; Frozen Mallet for ranged champs,and on hit champions, Frozen Gauntlet for Melee champs to help stick to adc's that need it, and get the tankier stats to help them deal with poke to be a frontline given it would be mainly build on bruisers/tanks. I just find it being used on ranged champions to be pretty Toxic. To add, i play champions that dont have problems sticking to people, and dont have problems with people who stack armor, being Riven, And Vayne, both rip through armor stacking, and have the movement to get past these slows, but thinking it over, it really didnt seem like it made much sense, and the interaction with ranged champions seems unfair if anything. (a riven/vayne player saying unfair hardy har har, but seriously.)
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