What is the community coming to?

So after not spending much time on the boards last season, I've recently been spending more time here again, and my goodness people sooooo averse to anything that demands more cerebral involvement with the game. I mean it's EVERYWHERE in the posts and replies to said posts I'm reading. Some examples I've seen just in the past day or two. - Someone asked for an expanded meta where several styles of play could all function on relatively equal foots. i.e. poke, split, skirmish, pick, team fight all being viable within the meta rather than having 1 set style for that season. Seems fair right? Nope. People immediately start raging about having to learn so many styles of play and their counters, having to expand their champ pool, etc etc. - Someone asked to return the game to a state where macro was at least equally important as mechanics and micro, and where it was harder for 1 person to 1v9 carry. Again," yada yada yada, only fun if you're playing arranged 5's, yada yada rage rage". - And one of the more ridiculous things is comments about the presence of some of the more outspoken analyst caster in the esports scene. Apparently even hearing someone talk about big brain play is painful now. So much so that people would rather have a second color caster rather than put Papasmithy or Froskeryn up on stage. The fudge is happening?
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