The thing about yasuo's banrate

First up: I don't wanna argue if yasuo is op or not. I main midlane and at the moment I ban yasuo every game. Is he op? Imo he is pretty strong! Is he annoying? Yes he is! But to be honest I'd rather want to play against a yasuo main than someone who is very good at {{champion:105}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:8}} But why do I still ban yasuo? It's because if I ban yasuo the chance of me banning out one of my opponents most favourite champion is much higher. If i ban fizz lb zoe or vlad, it's like a 90% chance that this ban doesn't bother the enemy team cause they wouldn't have picked this champion anyways. But if I ban yasuo chances are pretty high, that i banned the enemy mid- or toplaner's best champion. Probably I'm not the only one who bans yasuo for this reason. That's why I suggest that we all should be more careful when we argue about yasuo and use his banrate to complement our arguments.
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