Raptor cloak suggestion

Raptor cloak is a wonderful item that sadly might be lost with the removal of ZZrot and Ohmwrecker. But, I have a wonderful item idea called: Titan Robe. It is built with a {{item:2053}} and a {{item:3211}} . It will give 250 health, 150% base health regen, 30 armor, 25 magic res, and a unique passive called Titan Vitality. The passive: Builds up to 20% movement speed and 200% base health regen over 3 seconds when near turrets and fallen turrets The stats without the passive are worth 2167 gold, and the stats with the passive are worth 3557 gold. The price of the item? 2700 gold (this can easily change based on balance needs) Why? Ask yourself this: When am I most near turrets? Who will buy this item? What purpose does it serve? The answers you should have said are: Laning phase, tanky champs, and surviving poke lanes. Tanky champs are mostly melee and usually go toplane. What else is toplane? Annoying ranged poke lanes and lane bullies that can easily shove you under turret. In the case of some ranged champs, they can still harass you when you try to farm under turret. The item is meant to help melee champs stay in lane against ranged champs and lane bullies instead of needing to back over and over again. During early game, melee champs can stay healthy and be much more safe under tower against some painful lanes like {{champion:58}},{{champion:67}}, {{champion:85}}, {{champion:122}}, {{champion:82}}, {{champion:150}}, and {{champion:133}}. It sits at 131% gold efficiency in these stay under tower at all times scenarios. When midgame happens and teams start to fight and contest for objectives like dragon and baron, the item wont be as gold efficient, sitting around an 80% gold efficiency. While split pushers can use it, it doesnt give any wave clear. It can help with minion damage and running away, but that is all it does for them. Overall, Titan Robe is meant to be an item for melee toplaners so they can better stay in lane against poke damage and lane bullies.
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