In-depth Guide to 3v3 Rank WIP

Here are the standard Bans for 3v3 Rank and I'll Explain why they're good, and how to counter them. Number 1 Ban: {{champion:106}}, Volibear has a lot Good CC, His E Is really good to interrupt Enemy CC Like a Dash From Lucian, Sylas, Poppy, Graves, Ahri Ultimate and it goes on. Voli Q is really good to get around the Corners of the map and not a lot of People will react fast enough to counter your Knock, Use the Speed to your advantage to catch your enemy off guard and secure the kill for you or The teammate on the top or Bottom lane. Your W is very underrated because don't expect the True damage that comes from it when you use it on them. Use this skill to catch the enemy off Guard. Volibear R is really helping with his Kite, The extra attack and Thunder damage will boost your attack speed will help Stack your W faster and probably do more damage when you activate it then use your W to do some true damage with ap damage from thunder. Number 2 ban : {{champion:78}} Poppy is godlike in this Rank Map and here are the reason why: Poppy Q is a nice slow and Poppy will slam her hammer down on the ground which will have Damage from the impact on the ground and will raise up to do more damage and slow the enemy down. Poppy W is really good Dash Stopper, She is used a lot in 3v3 rank because likely you'll be facing Champions that have a lot of Dashes. Poppy E is Super good because the Map is very closed in and you have a lot of opportunities to push them into the wall and CC them with your E, and then use your Q to slow them down. Poppy R is really good to disengage the Carries that have to enter the team fight and She will Either Knock back the team to save you guys from a team fight or knock away their Carry and you guys will be taking down the enemies who don't have their Damage with them. Ban Number 3 {{champion:122}}, This man doesn't need any intro. Darius is really good at either getting First blood or giving it away. Darius Q is Circle Skill, when activated He will spin and If the enemies are in that Range of the Q he will gain back 15% hp per enemy hit and We will add a stack Hemorrhage but if you have killed someone or got 5 stacks of Hemorrhage and Use Q and hit the enemies they will all have 5 stacks of Hemorrhage on them. Darius W is a Slow that also adds a stack of hemorrhage and if Killed it kills a Minion it will refund 50% of the mana after killing the Minion or Enemies. Darius E is a Pull that knocks them into you and Also the passive Gives Bonus AD Penetration Darius R If it has 5 Stacks Hemorrhage it will Do about the Maximum of 500 damage at level 6 and it will go up when you get more Ad. After killing the Enemy Darius R will reset and it will not cost any more mana into you don't kill the enemy, the ult will go on Full Cool Down but if Killed an enemy at level 16 it will fully reset and not have a timer to use again.
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