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For the past few months, Riot has been working to give unloved champions some skins. From season 8, Heimerdinger got his legendary Dragon Trainer, Fiddlesticks and Graves received their praetorian skin, Aurelion Sol received his Mecha skin, Kled received his Halloween skin, and even Malphite got some love with his odyssey skin. Even Aatrox and Nunu got their Blood Moon and papercraft skins. But there's still a problem: {{champion:35}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:421}} All the above champions have STILL gone over 1000 days without a skin. {{champion:35}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:421}} All 4 of these champions were meta for a while in season 8. In mid season 8 Zilean was probably the best midlaner and support. He was fairly played and spread across all elos, and it was known how good he was. Kassadin, after receiving a few buffs without nerfs, became S tier for a long amount of time, and still results in high A tier. Mordekaiser after the addition of shield bash and the Liandry's Torment meta became the hypercarry of the botlane, and Shaco was S tier for the majority of later Season 8 (until tiamat) got nerfed. Udyr and Amumu, while never really S tier, has remained a standard jungler and consistently played through solo queue, especially after the Amumu changes. As well as this, Rek'Sai is currently the single best jungler in the game. The essential point here is that all these champions have been meta (some of which the best in their roles at one point), and Riot with its greedy corporate wants decided to give more skins to generic champions who already had 1423567 skins anyway. Remember when {{champion:16}} got two skins in a row with Pajama Guardian and Snowdown? Plus, this was AFTER the enchanter item nerfs, meaning that Soraka wasn't even that good at the time she received the skins. Admittedly while {{champion:101}} and {{champion:72}} have not seen light in a bit (perhaps except Skarner who is massively underrated at this current moment), this doesn't mean that they don't deserve skins. All these champions have spent too long under the bridge simply because Riot has a constant boner for either badass or otherwise popular champions. Here's an example of how even the COMMUNITY wants a skin. 8 MONTHS ago, almost an entire season's worth of time, I posted a poll about whether Kassadin should receive a skin or not. As you can see, there were 92 votes for yes and not a SINGLE vote for no. This prooves how even our own community is sick of these high priority champions getting the limelight. ***THE LEAK*** Recently, there was a skin leak about a lot of champions to receive a skin for the season. These leaks in the past have been startlingly accurate, and some of the stuff here is starting to come true (cat vs dog vs event) If this list persists to be true, that means that {{champion:35}} and {{champion:427}} are both to get skins (along with {{champion:26}} ). This is good. However, while there are some good parts about this leak, there's even more bad. {{champion:99}}, {{champion:103}}, {{champion:498}} {{champion:497}} are all getting skins, all 4 of which are notorious for skins (Xayah and Rakan both getting 2 skins in a season???). Once again, while Riot does plan to give some skins to these skin-abandoned champions, they refuse to prioritize them as they should. If {{champion:35}} and {{champion:26}} are to get skins, then that means only {{champion:82}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:77}} and {{champion:101}} shall be left in the over 1000 days club. Please, if you really want to make the game balanced around everything, include skins along with gameplay.
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