Why I think LOL is losing...

Hello Riot, **I'm a Chinese player in NA server, this is my first time posting something here.** I played this game in season 5, ranked in season 6. And I dropped to plat 3 few days ago. Even though with the Irelia rework today, I don't feel like I want to play this game anymore. And I'm going to tell u why. **You guys may know the number of LOL players dropped so much this year**, ofc there are reasons: shitty team, toxic players, tired of moba games, I'm a mid player and they nerf mid so hard, or Riot nerf yasuo, the only champ I love so I quit and blablabla. In China, it's even worse. A large amount of players quit this game and turn to player unknown's battleground. unfortunately I can't provide data to prove that, but u know what I mean. ** I think Riot didn't give enough respect to the good players in this game**. I'm a jungle main, I tried to carry every game so hard, I worked a lot in early game to help my team to get the kills and level ahead, but the sad part is they feed more than I kill. I helped a lux 3 times in mid, I thought this would be enough for her at least not to lose lane. And what happened? The enemy yasuo killed her three times with 0-3. And there are so many examples like this. No matter how hard u try to help the team, they always find a way to feed it back. So I understand what this game is, with all due respect, you can help a team to succeed unless they are people but not a bunch of pigs waited to be slaughtered. And ofc, I'm not here to complain this. You get the good team and bad team, that's for sure. However, I believe I am a strong jg player, but when I lose the game with bad players, I find out we people lose the same points, and this is the part i don't understand. I am the only one who don't feed extremely hard in this game, and I lose the same points like they do. Does that sound fair to me? I don't think so. Lets say In a sales company, employee A can bring 100,000 $ profit to the company each year, employee B can bring only 50,000 $ profit to the company each year, but they earn the same salary. Yes the company treat them equally. Oh wait, do they? In a losing game, I am treated equally with those players who do nothing and feed whole game? After two and half season till today, as a good player (i played in rank from bronze to plat) I feel extremely powerless and helpless now, because no matter what I do, as long as I queued with bad players, I know it's gg. I loved this game and I used to be proud of being a good player, but now it left me with only disappointment. **Riot claimed that they would balance this game. What do you mean by balance?** Give the same power to each roles? But the truth is this game is never being balanced. This game in late season 7 and season 8 is dominated by the bot lane, and jg is a bunch of retard tanks, when you play jg, the only thing you do is hoping you bot lane is not two retards so you could win the game. OK, let's assume one day in the future this game would achieved balance. Every roles has the same power, what would happen then? Then I think nobody can carry. Everyone would count the team to succeed, and that is definitely not a good experience. In China, the biggest game company is Tencent. We are always joking that Tencent is a trash company cause as long as you pay for the game, you get stronger and win the game. In Dota, many champ has power to win the game with the champ themselves, everyone could be the god.** The Tencent and Dota respects the good players, however in LOL the lucky people win the game, you don't need to be a good player, you just need to be queued with a good team.** In my own experience, when I was 5-2, 6-0, the enemy jg got 0-6, 0-3 they could still won, cause they had a good team and i could not do anything, cause it's the fcking mid and bot meta, jg can only eat shit. And how would that be fair to the good players like me? I don't deserve this, other good players don't deserve this, but we all end up like this. **In total, I think the Riot model about LOL is going on the wrong track now, it doesn't show enough respect to the good players and it can't balance the game.** And by the way, each time i queued, the BGM is really creepy.... can you guys change to a happier BGM? Seriously, that music is like the voice from the hell. I don't know if Riot staff plays LOL or not, but it's time to do some real change now. This is the first time I write something here, or it could be the last.
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