I'm sick and tired of melee carries double standards

"Aatox was reworked for being too stat check" "Tryndamere is unhealthy design with 0 mechanics" "Nasus is just point and clicking you to death and you can't do anything about it" Every melee carry has to work their ass off to get damage out, just take Fiora for example. She has to hit the vitals to do any significant amount of damage and survive in a fight, vitals you can just hug a wall with so she can't hit them at all. "Fiora is healthy and good" Well yeah no shit, half her damage is tied to the enemy being a dumbass. But then Tryndamere comes around "REEEEEE CAN'T DO ANYTHING REWORK THIS SHIT REEEEEEEEEEE" You know what? I would fight a Tryndamere over a Vayne or Kog or Tristana any day of the week You can do stuff against Tryndamere there is room to outplay Tryndamere, his slow is conditional, in the early he is heavily rage dependant to do anything, he is shit in teamfights without summs, he is melee, he can get kited easily, you can itemize against him now that all the true damage is gone. you know what you can do against Vayne? Ah yeah right her point and click DISPLACEMENT can stun or not, you know what happens when Tryn whiffs his slow? Ye get your AD decreased by a little. Vayne can't get kited, Vayne destroys whole teams in teamfights, you can't itemize against her, there is nothing to do other than to kill Vayne, it's the LITERAL definition of stat check, the LITERAL definition. No mechanical outplay what so ever What can you do against Tristana? Ah yeah right you can dodge her rocket jump damage, DAMN what a healthy non-stat check kit! 0 Skill shots, everything is point and click but again unlike Tryndamere she is godlike in teamfights and has insane range. Either kill her or she kills you, wow what a design! And now comes Kog! The original ball of stats that you either kill or your team is dead in 4 seconds The same shit can be said about Twitch / Jinx / Kalista, all of these champs you need to kill before they kill you, there is nothing else you can do against them. They are all ranged Master Yi's but nobody cares! But when it comes to melees OH NO! They need to have their damage locked behind 12 mechanics and 3 skillshots look at Darius. For him to do anything in a teamfight he has to get 5 stacks, if he is not able to get those he is a walking target dummy, his Q efficiency can be reduced by a fuckton Not only that but he has to do all of that stuff while having no gap closer at all and being full melee range even with abilities You look at Irelia and all her restrictions now after the rework, you look at Aatrox that has to hit multiple skillshots to deal any damage there is NOTHING even coming close to that amount of mechanical counteprlay in the entire ADC roster Closest ones are Draven and Ezreal You look at the newer ADCs lik Kai'Sa and realize she has about the same mechanical outplay potential as Dr.Mundo Both have stat passives Both have 1 skillshot (in Mundos case it's a huge part of his damage) Both have some generic AOE damage spell (in Kai'Sa case it's more efficient in a 1 v 1 without aiming anything) Both ults are instant abilities with stats slapped onto them The only thing you can do for either of the champs is to dodge the skillshot, everything else is just stats and auto attacks but it doesn't matter for Kai'Sa because she is a ranged carry and the standard for ranged carries is lower than Mundos IQ. There are ranged people that do the exact same shit their melee counterparts do but the melees are getting screamed at for not getting reworked and I'm sick and tired of hearing this shit over and over again. If you want Tryndamere to be gone do the same with ranged auto attackers with the same mechanical counterplay as Tryn, shitty thing is that you would need to rework half the ADC roster if you wanted to do that
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