Cartoon Network needs to fix their sh**

I can't watch it on TV because your schedule looks like this: So I go to the website(which has a hideous design), and as it turns out for some godforsaken reason _not all of the fucking episodes are there_. **SERIOUSLY?!?** Isn't this supposed to be _the OFFICIAL website?_ Explain to me what _exactly_ crawled up their ass and started a fucking revolution possessed them to think that this was ok? Fucking bootleg websites have more of YOUR shit than YOU do. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} So I try to watch what little is there. Forced to watch a 30 second unskippable "Ninjago" ad, only to realize that I waited to watch a clip that's fifteen seconds longer than the piece of shit ad I watched through. In what world do I have to watch an ad for a goddamn _clip_. So after some navigating, trying to figure out what the fuck a guy has to do to watch an episode of Adventure Time. And I end up being told that I have to "unlock" it. What? The fuck is that even supposed to mean? Now apparently that means I have to pay for it, which is the first thing that makes a modicum of sense in this website that looks like it hopped out of 2006. Now I'm surprised to see that, instead of a subscription like _everybody else_ CN decided I gotta go through all of this shit to file a request to my ISP and my cable, do my taxes, solve the Fermi Paradox, memorize Pi, and beat the collective hive mind of Steven Hawking, Issac Newton, Einstein, and Carl Sagan in a chess match. {{sticker:sg-janna}} At that point I was done, I'm gonna go complain on The Boards, fap, and laugh maniacally as I watch everything CN ever creates on fucking PornHub, at least they have all the episodes. And then they wonder why their channel is dying. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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