Riot, just make a new Collection tab for Eternals. The new champions tab looks terrible

Look I get it, you want to throw a spot up in the collection menu where everyone can go and look at their overpriced achievements which have hilariously been dubbed "Progression" in the tab despite the fact you have to pay for the right to progress. However, the Champions tab is way too spread out now and it takes roughly 10-15 years to scroll down and find which champions you haven't gotten Hextech chests on this season. Just compare the old look (taken from a screenshot I did a few months ago) To this new... abomination The old tab was so condensed. Small rows, 7 champions per row instead of 5, they made a little border to see which ones you have your Hextech chest on for the season, and if you wanted information you could mouse over them. It was so good. The new tab only has 5 champions per row, only a couple full rows per screen, and even you people admitted Eternals are probably gonna be bought on like 1-3 champions per account so why mess up this entire screen. This is an abomination to my eyes, you're making something look worse for the sake of selling overpriced bullshit that should be free. You want to make a cheap moneygrab? Fine, make a new tab for it like you did with Emotes. Making a working feature worse to prepare it to sell us shit is asinine.
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