@Riot Why Do You Want Me To Quit?

This is not a FLAME. This is not a joke. Or Satire. This is my serious question to everyone who works @Riot. I am a level 25. Other than recently, I only played one game 13 months ago. And one other 6 months before that. I am not an established player. I do not have any skins. This is NOT a smurf account. Why am I being matched against Gold 1, Diamond 4, Diamond 1 players? Why are most of my teams not even level 30 while Im matched against veteran players in the top 5-10% of the player base? I cant even play ranked yet. (Please look at my recent history if you think Im not telling the truth) This is not fun. This does not make me want to queue again. This makes me want to play a different game. So RIOT, why do you want me quit for another game? I want to play, but your matchmaking algorithm is telling me not to. Being stomped every game isnt teaching me anything other than to uninstall. I really hope RIOT responds because it would show you actually care about new players. Thank you
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