Warning for all interested gamers: Do not play this game (Abandon all hope for this amazing game)

It is a pissing contest on who can annoy each other the most to the point of quitting because playing further would be too depressing. League is about finding out how painful it is to try. League is about trolling, being the largest influence on your team by feeding. This game is about showing off to random people you don't even know, then rubbing it in their face. This game is about abusing whatever riot has ignored despite the constant feedback from the community. Skins/champions are the only good thing this game has now. You have seen the boards, do you really want to get yourself into this game? Watch as you become a completely different person, not a good one but a jealous, easily angered human being. Play through your first smurf-filled match, and remember that pain because it will follow you. Matchmaking will follow you on your depressing journey of dopamine induced wins and loses that make you feel suicidal. Watch as you can do nothing while one out of your 4 teamates decides to troll and gives the enemy a huge snowball lead you can't possibly recover from because your team wont communicate with you. Watch as you are harassed for playing poorly, even though you tried. Realize how usless jungle is, and how hard it is to learn and better yourself at it. Know that you will always be countered if you do not pick the top 10-20 champions from a list of hundreds. Play safe, and see your tower get destroyed, or get killed under your tower protecting it. Feel the pleasure of deleting people with a few combos. Relish the pain and torment you put them through. Taunt them when they can do nothing as you 1v5 assassinate them, but beware, you will end up just like them in a matter of time. If you are smart, you wont play this game. You would have noticed how bad the community is and would rather stay far away from it. If you are DUMB (haha) you will continue to be addicted to league, unable to enjoy basic human emotions anymore. Your life will turn upside down. If you ARE, then your clearly doing something right, and getting the full experience of league. God bless that 0.014% of you.
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