I don’t like those changes to IP/Blue essence

So... I’ve played some games today and I’m kinda disappointed about how blue essence works. First thing that I’ve noticed: you need 2500+ exp for level 31 which means a first win of the day and like... 15+ games, or more than a first win and a lot of games (and if you lose, you get a low amount of XP). I’ve played 3/4 games today and I got nothing from it except some experience that isn’t even enough for half level 31, despite my first win of the day. Like, if you need 200 essence for a champion, you better tryhard for days so you can level up and hope to gain enough essence from a capsule. Also, mastery 6 and 7 cost A LOT. I’ve read on reddit that the average BE you get for leveling up is 700/800 BE (which is ridiculously low) whereas you used to get AT LEAST 1000 IP (including first wins) for the same amount of games. Why are we forced to grind 5 levels for a stupid mastery emote? If during S7 Riot did some questionable choices, S8 will be a year full of surprises for us (sadly). Tl;dr: it takes too much time to collect BE compared to the old system, some stuff is even more expensive and you only get something once you level up = after 20 games (and not everyone has the time to play 10 games every day).
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