Time for Riot to join #TeamTrees!

Help Us Plant 20 Million Trees - Join #TeamTrees
The official site of #TeamTrees. One dollar plants a tree...
#TeamTree is a campaign started by MrBeast for reaching 20M subs on YouTube, it was a suggestion by his followers. Just yesterday I was thinking about if riot joins the campaign, maybe create skins to support the cause, #TeamTree skins. Because lets face it, we all owe the planet this Riot could: -Create skin line-up and donate gains -Donate $ Flat amount and doing anything about it will incite other companies to follow! **The campaign has already made 10M! if more and more join we could create a whole lot more than 20M by 2020! Let's all be a part of change!** I will be trying to post this everyday (if allowed) so that Riot can hear us! So please let's get as many upvotes and as many comments here so we riot may hear us! For #TeamTrees! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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