Riot - we told you this with Prestige Blood Moon Aatrox - WE HATE PRESTIGE POINTS!

So stop with this system already. It's stupid, and it took what respect I had for you as a company and is grinding it into the asphalt. Your game has so far existed in a beautiful space above microtransaction riddled games and full blown console games, but this shit with prestige points is very quickly showing us as your consumers that you don't give a shit about your reputation and your players, and would rather throw your lot in with the 5 billion phone generic games with waifu lollies that charge you through the nose to buy a swimsuit skin for them. This is simply bad business for you guys. It's obviously a money grab, and it's extremely shitty how you're getting people hooked on prestige skins, then ripping the rug out from under them (like how KDA Ahri is now going to cost points, instead of an event, RIP people who wanted the whole set), and overall it's just a shitty way for you to try to sell skins. Your audience, the casual gamer, cannot afford to dump $100+ into this game to buy a skin, not with all the other things you release and try to sell them. This system of prestige points is clearly designed for whales, and judging by the survey you sent out asking if people regretted their purchase, you've been having second thoughts about it yourself. It's incredibly disrespectful of you to release content under this system, because it undermines the larger portions of your consumer base in lieu of trying to scrape money out of the big spenders. This is absurd, and the more and more you keep doing shit like this, the less and less I'm inclined to keep supporting you. I'm not a whale, but I can spend $10-20 here and there, but after the fiasco of Prestige Blood Moon Aatrox, that willingness to spend money in League has dried up. It may stop entirely now with this shit with the Ahri skin, and I know I can't be the only person who's becoming more and more turned off by your business practices. It looks fucking desperate, is what it is, and it's sending up red flags and setting off alarms that tell me that maybe you're starting to go under, and why should I dump my money into a sinking ship when I could spend it on better things that aren't showing signs of dying?
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