Yeah we all know that spring anime is over

and yeah i forgot what i was supposed to write but it was something funny trust me btw, numbers are all wrong and stuff but i dont want to fix it anyway yeah spring is over and im here to tell you what was shit and what was good ehmmm idk tbh but let me try i forgot a bit about this stuff... 1. SAO alternative: Gun Gale Online: it was ok i guess i would say it was better than SAO but i never completed SAO so yeah 2. Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii: havent watched it but looks nice and people say that its good 3: Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai: ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯ 4. Megalo Box: good, not great but good and it is something that even non weebs can watch 5. Golden Kamuy: ok this one is good, i dont even know how to explain why but its good 6. Comic Girls: oh man i have mixed feelings about this one so i'll say that its not really worth it 7. Mahou Shoujo Site: wew, you can cut yourself with this anime 8. 3D Kanojo: comedy, drama, wtf is going on, a few nice moments, this is getting a second season? how? 9. Uma Musume Pretty Derby: Cygames told people not to lewd them but those horse girls are lewdable so cant do anything about it ehmm i mean yeah horse girls in horse girls races, spe-chan sucks tbh ok 9 is enough for now...maybe but let me talk about Darling in the Franxx, at first i was like "this anime will save mecha genre" but after like ep6 i was like oh boy, teen drama hmmm i can deal with it and then all went full retard and it was all a mess and then aliens and wtf is going on and yeah it was terrible, the ending was terrible, rip Evangelion's and Gurren Lagan's retarded son thats all for now ehmmm weeb music time, tell me if a vid doesnt work to find a new link or something like that
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