A message to the board moderators

So uh before one of you thirsty moderators reading this comes storming in with that warning, take a moment and think about what the fuck you're supporting by doing that. You guys are not even paid and basically treated no better than a bot removing threads that Riot doesn't want up for very long to save their terrified asses. By removing our threads on Daniel, you're supporting a confirmed racist, sexist, suicide promoting and community hating asshole. Like guess what, you're on Daniel's hate list too if you're a part of this community, why defend him for no compensation at all? Why make our attempts to save this train wreck of a company harder? Do you really want to see them continue on this trend? Do you want to enforce hypocritical rules, where we say something not even close to the caliber of toxicity Daniel uses and it gets us temporary banned and our well thought out posts deleted? Do you want to be the road block for people seeing Daniel's true colors, because you are doing exactly that when you kept on removing that video showing his racism and sexism earlier today. If you mods really cared about this community, you'd show Riot that you want a change as well, and not defend their self harming actions until the bitter end. Prove to us that you want Riot to care about the community that made it what it is today.
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