It's preseason! Let me go see what people think about theses changes on the boards... Oh I haven't had the chance to play League since the preseason started so I decided to go onto the boards to see what others think about the newly implanted changes on the boards. Let's just say I wasn't disappointed. 1) Apparently support items are too weak? 2) Elder dragon execute bug? 3) Elemental drake map recolor/texture hurts players eyes? 4) Conqueror is being abused on ability spamming mages? 5) Sanguine blade is blatantly broken on some champions? 6) Junglers are extremely under-leveled? 7) Client problems still persist? 8) Players having FPS drops in game? _*These are just a few things I seen/read on the boards. I haven't had the opportunity to experience any of this myself yet. _
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