You know after coming back to play league for the annivesary I can honestly this...

League is not a fun game because you're forced to stop 30 minutes in a single match with people you don't like, you can't adequately communicate with, and then still lose because of a number of factors where either a champion's kit, trying a new build, or having one person destroy the rest of the team's hard work being selfish for their KDA and not the team win and that makes the game inherently frustrating. Don't get me wrong I knew these things before but hearing it come out of the mouth of someone who tried league and got instantly flamed in a bot game for their build testing and never touching the game with it's like a light bulb went off in my head. Don't get me wrong I enjoy the concept art, interactions, and what used to be the lore but the actual game itself is so rage inducing because it's broken in so many places I'm not sure what to fix. My friend had to tell me that I should probably stop playing league because I've just been so angry since swapping back to it and not letting a chill game like Maple Story or Tomodachi Life or Monster Prom or Destiny 2 be my games of choice. It hadn't even occurred to me until I realized I was more hostile in general after picking the game back up. You don't win unless you play a popular champion that is designed to be so forgiving that no matter how well or poorly you play you can make an impact. And when you get fed up with League and want to quit you think that it's just a single bad game when in fact the core mechanics of the game is bad but all the shit like art, cosplay, and some lore make you want to play it and immerse yourself in the world. But League's lore and game have long since separated and the relationship is best described as YuGiOh! the card game versus the anime versus the manga. You have 3 separate divisions going on simultaneously that only people in the community are aware of. E-Sports is the face and so the game has moved from pros adapting to changes to most of the community having to adapt to pro changes. Most of the community fed up because your champ is played in the pro scene that means it's about to get nerfed and put in a spot where they can't carry, need help to be viable to the team, but have no impact on the team (RIP Aatrox. And this is not just me saying it, take it up with every other Aatrox main and hashinshin). Or they're allowed to run nuts because they're not on the pro scene (insert akali.jpg here). Or they become so cancerous but nothing is done because their play rate isn't high enough and constant nerfs to other champs, masteries, and runes lead to them just constant being able to run rampant with no consequence (please put vlad.mp4 fucking here). It's crazy but when I stop playing the game I have the urge to create content for it but the more I play the less I want to content create. I don't think that's healthy in the slightest. I mean why play a game when I don't enjoy the game I enjoy the content it produces and used to produce. For what a fictional ranking? If the Trick2G sub wars taught me anything it's you elo can not mean shit. Sometimes elo is just an amalgamation of how well you adapt to the team and then exploit it. Those wars taught me that sometimes people stay in low elo and are stuck because they love playing a champion who the meta isn't favoring and once the meta favors them their elo shoots straight up. That being said I'm not sure if I'll stop playing. It can be fun for a game or two but overall I just feel empty while playing it and watching it. I live for the voice line and character interactions and skins but not the game itself.
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