Players behind Riot employee walkout

'League of Legends' Studio Faces Employee Walkout, Promises Changes
Image courtesy of Riot Games Employees at Riot Games are considering a walkout, and the organization efforts have prompted an internal response from company executives, Waypoint has learned. On Friday, Kotaku reported League of Legends developer Riot Games took steps to prevent employees from taking legal action against the company, after multiple lawsuits were filed in the wake of Kotaku's investigation into the studio's culture of sexism last summer.
If you didn't know yet, Riot employees have spoken up about the hypocritical, and rampant, misogyny and sexism at Riot games. A company that speaks so highly of itself, and holds it's players to such a high standard, was actually universally sexist, and was (allegedly) illegally paying it's female employees less than the comparable male employee received. Furthermore, as all soulless, corporate bullies do, their employees were forced to sign an agreement into obligatory, private, arbitration. This is done so the soulless corporation is neither held accountable, publicly, for it's actions, or has to pay the appropriate amount in the just lawsuit that would follow. Therefore, since Riot games has sought to silence it's employees, refuse to be held accountable for it's actions, and refused to address their systemic sexism and misogyny after, at least, 10 months of spotlight on the issue, Riot employees have planned a walkout. This is a deplorable stance from a corporation that preaches so loud. How can you ban 12 year old for typing something sexist as a joke and then ruin adult women's lives and try to skirt the legal ramifications of it!? However, the purpose of this post is to let Riot employees know that I, for one, am with them, and to encourage other players to stand with the Riot employees fighting for their God-given rights. I want to encourage the community to be understanding if this causes unwanted repercussions in the game, and not to flame these employees if there are delays and bugs because of the walkout. The threat of the walkout may be enough to get Riots attention, but if it isn't, let's support these humans just trying to make a living without being abused and then forced into silence about it.
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