The classic profiles have always been much more visually appealing while retaining space efficiency

Anyone I show this picture to says that it looks better than any of the redesigned summoner profiles. I really miss this design, especially after the current profile update came out, it just doesn't catch my eye in any way. The designs for the old profile felt a lot more unique than the recent visual "upgrades". I think I can vouch for a fair amount of people when I say that Riot would have a lot of positive feedback if they went back and revamped this design to retain the same feel while landing more in line with the clients current art style. The classic summoner profiles felt more like a display case where you can show off what you've worked hard grinding at, it's something you can be proud of every time you reach a new milestone (it used to have milestones for different tiers of wins). Having your top 3 mastered champions on your profile gives other people a more detailed but simple way to see what type of champions you play, and what play styles you prefer. It feels good to have this information on display instead of being hidden behind a hover over graphic. The redesigned summoner profiles just feel kind of hollow. Sure you can have your favorite champion or skin as your profile background, but other than that it just looks like a place where all your statistics and achievements are gathered together and slapped on a page. People that don't play ranked have a huge amount of vacancy on their profile, classic profiles displayed your normal, ARAM and Dominon (R.I.P) wins. People that didn't play ranked still had something they could be proud of, now they just have an empty space. The classic summoner profile design did a lot of simple things right that make a world of difference on a glance at someones profile. It can definitely be improved upon to be more streamlined but there is a saying: if it isn't broken, don't try to fix it. With a little polish the classic design has so much potential to be an amazing interface for the summoner profile. It's one of the things I really miss from my days playing LoL long ago. It would be a shame to see such a great interface get scrapped, I would love to see this awesome design return with a new coat of paint! Thanks for reading! Here's an album with some concept art I created:
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