Reconnecting during a ranked game still results in LP loss!

Hey guys, just wanted to see what you guys think of this. Recently I was in a ranked game, we were winning pretty hard and 8 min in my internet suddenly takes a dive. I restart my router, and less than 4 min later I'm back in the game. The enemy has taken my turret, but our team is excited I'm back. I get farmed up quickly and gain levels as our team plays defensively. Then then start fights and after a few teamfights, won we take 2 inhibitors and the enemy surrenders at 25 min. Now imagine my shock in learning that I LOST 16 LP for this game. Despite winning the game that would have taken me into my promo series, I lose LP and MMR for a game that I rightfully won. I went 4-1 after DC'ing finishing 5-1 while having more kills, farm, gold, and damage to champs than my other solo lane. This decision by Riot to penalize any player who RECONNECTS after a DC is a catastrophic mistake. I am a fairly good mannered player, but others might look at this and decide that if for any reason they DC (sibling hits power cord, router error, ect.) They will not reconnect because no matter what, the game counts as a LOSS and they will LOSE LP and MMR no matter what. That will ruin the game for the remaining 4 players on their team who just want to play and have a good time. So guys what do you think? Do you think Riot should give players who reconnect and remain reconnected for the remainder of the game (min time 5 min) the winnings of a game, or perhaps just make sure they don't lose LP (kinda like a remake)? Or do you think Riot should continue to punish good players who make a determined effort to reconnect and continue playing with their team and pushing towards victory?
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