Akali was a not-needed insert in True Damage, So was Soyeon. (Unpopular Opinion.)

I've been reading the comments for a bit now and I'm just bothered with the fact that Everyone is fangirling over Soyeon's verse and saying that she "Stole the show'. Hate to rain on you're parade but there was other people in that performance who killed it even harder. What about Duckwrth for Ekko's second verse? Or Becky G on Qiyana. They sounded amazing, and Thutmose's opening for Ekko was really good too. But everyone is so caught up on Soyeon. In my opinion, I don't really think she stood out compared to Duckwrth, but I respect the people who like her. About Akali as well, She was so popular in K/DA and I know she could fit this rap theme but 1. She didn't need another skin when she have already gotten 3 this year. Prestige K/DA, Project and now True Damage. She's just riot's new cash bag. Imagine if someone else got a true damage skin, and they can experiment with what they want their voice to be rather then doing the same thing again. Imagine someone like Katarina or Diana, imagine all the concepts and artists. Anyways I loved Giants, but there was alot of missed opportunity or replacement for Akali. Just my opinion :/.
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