Hey Can a Rioter reply to this?

Your awful survey absolutely broke the ability to manually report players. If I report someone via ticket it gives me blitz bot, if I request a human then I'm put into a survey that I've already answered and I can't progress anymore. Is this intentional? How am I supposed to manually report players running into enemy jungle placing wards and basically fooling the afk timer who are actively griefing and avoiding detection? Is this intentional? Do you just not want me to report people this way? I'll stop reporting people in game and send in tickets manually so I stop getting blitz bot before I stop sending manual tickets. And it's like I only report the worst of the worst. Like entire clans using literal slurs (their whole clan might be extremely racist in a closed off clan) and people avoiding detection. Can someone uncheck the survey on my account so it no longer procs? tl;dr I'm stuck in broken loop while trying to manually report players and do god's work on the rift.
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