Dont ban champs in ARAM! Join the resistance!!

Well... new patch, new changes to ARAM - sigh... Why do i think banning champs in ARAM is wrong? Lets talk about champion bans in lol so far: 1. In ranked banning a certain champ is a good think (not kidding). Your team can make sure that the enemy team can not counterpick your laner/jungler or overall strat with a champ that gets minimal effort with maximum effect of disrupting the other team. Thats due to the hundrets of champs in lol and necessary. 2. Bans in ARURF are ... ok... because some champs are not suited well mechanically for a spam mode and brake it - I get that. But i still dont think its necessary. So on ARAM: ARAM is a fun mode (not kidding again). You get a champ and go with it. Maybe its superfun, maybe its boring, maybe its some in between - sometimes it sucks. The way to get around that "sucks" part was introducing rerolls (and later the "substitutes bench") so players can avoid playing a champ that is not siuted for 5v5 or they just dispise that champ (like Teemo, I would NEVER lower myself to play that). So its kind of a "ban" for champs that are no fun in ARAM. However. Giving players the opportunity to ban champs and tell em: "ban champs you dont want to play against." is not constructive. The consequence will be that only champs are affected that are fun in ARAM. Despite the fact that your ban will detract the chance for a cool champ from your own team (and thus frustrate people like me right from the start, casue I have 0 chance of getting my fav champ in that match now), its just a step away from avoiding the problems in ARAM (getting a really weak pick that sucks). Its like cause a kid is frustrated it didnt get its candy for sometimes - NOW NO ONE GETS IT! Your thoughts on that? sry for english - it hates me
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