Remember that time Riot skipped Star Guardians for Odyssey?

Instead of skipping Project which is a less successful skin line and it's also Sci Fi which gave us two sci fi skin lines that year It's amazing that they skipped Star Guaridan over project especially when that skin line doesn't sell as well as their more female oriented skins (I'm looking at Star Guardian and KDA which are their biggest hits of literal all time) Can we skip Project next year? It's super stale and they all look the same. Every character with a project skin has at least one other skin that's better except Pyke maybe because he had like one skin. Can we in general stop releasing so many sci fi skins in general? We have Mecha, super galaxy, praetorian, eternum, battlecast, headhunter, odyssey, project and program (which has 24 skins between the two of them), pulsefire, steel valkyries, commando which has everyone in weird sci fi armor instead of military uniforms, steel legion I'm not going to count dark star or cosmic because they at least feel different even though they are also sci fi ( I mean I guess they're more cosmic terror/spacey specific than sci fi) Hextech is also barely passing since it's magitech instead of straight science. Astronauts pass because it's literally just astronauts.
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