Dear Keyru, I want you to understand that I've grown a lot over these past three years. I graduated from community college. I rented my first house with my friends. I got a job. All of these things I have, but I still don't have permission from you to post about my favorite video game, League of Legends, on the greatest website of all time, The Boards. I'm not here just to ask you to consider unbanning me so that I may once again be a pillar of the League of Legends forum community. I'm here to ask you for forgiveness for the stupid mistake I made. I'm here to ask for your trust that I will never do such heinous acts again. I understand that today might not be the day I receive such gracious reprieve, but I believe in the fateful day when I contact you and it is given. Even if I have to wait the 111 years of my current sentence. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, mysticalsoap
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