Just another complaint post about CertainlyT.

Won't be as toxic as some people on here. But honestly if you consistently design and release champs that are anti-fun to play against, have bullshit mechanics and have to be reworked to get their kit shredded a month or two after they're released.. You probably shouldnt be designing champs anymore. True stealth, on a hybrid scaling assassin with 2.5 dashes, a microstun, and endless sustain through a 3 second ability. I know for a fact there are multiple levels of hard working individuals that have to approve this before it gets the final "release" button. How does something like that make it through? It's baffling to me. Then to not even put her on the balance patch notes? I get you want to see her played in worlds, but that means the other 99.999999% of your playerbase still has to keep her perma-banned, or dodge every game she's picked in.
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